Resurrectdead CD Review by Chris Wheeler

Band: Althotas
Origin: Sept-Îles
Album: Resurrectdead (double Lp)
Label: Independent

Althotas , out of Sept-Iles, Quebec have forged an album of epic proportions with this their second full length, “Resurrectdead”. Taking a tried and true formula of Swedish Black/Death, the Quebecois four some have built upon the hallmarks of this style and run with it; a feat many others have yet to accomplish!

Pulling the title of the band from Hypocrisy’s brilliant ’93 classic, “Osculum Obscenum”, Althotas have recorded a beast of an album that one would likely NOT wish to run into in a dark alley if it were flesh and bone…”Poltergeist Rebellion” crashes through the gate with slow doom only to quicken pace plunging head first into waters Necrophobic and The Moaning have tread before only this time with more malice. “Naught” displays a more melodic approach akin to Sweden’s Sacrilege or A Canorous Quintet and follows this path on “A Decrepit Throne” and “Enucleation”.

As Althotas skillfully pay homage to their “Swedish forebears”, the album features a darkness and cantankerous nature so few have been able to pull off previously. “Haunted Forest”, “In Phantoms Domain”, and “Creature From the Mist” are all harrowing examples of a band bound in determination and purpose. The slight nuance of keys adds to the tension, especially on “In Phantoms Domain” which is only aided by the pristine production of the album as a whole while “Creature From the Mist’s” pinch harmonics adds to the monstrous opening rhythm followed by epic riff ideas!


The second disc features more of the same clear production and Swedish influenced Black/Death, but somehow the songs take a left turn towards originality in song ideas. What is nice to hear is the bass which is clearly audible and adds to the manic rhythms the guitars hold. “Metallic Taste of Panic”, “Swamp” and “Temptation of a Necrophile” all convey slow to mid paced leanings which allow for easy head banging; perfect for a live setting! Perhaps not used as much, the tremolo picking riff style is inherently there, however, Althotas engage in more “chug” as well, complimenting the Swedish style, especially on “Fields of Fire” and “Undead”, with a straight forward Death Metal sound.

If there’s any dispute to be had, the double bass attack is often used in places that might not necessarily need it. The songs are strong enough on their own without having to include the double bass for added propulsion and intensity. Althotas perhaps over reach on “Fields of Fire” and with the combination of a guitar and kick drum assault on “Infinite Nightmare”, the end result feels slightly out of step and sloppy.

Being a double album, Althotas clearly are going for the Gold, but “Resurrectdead” is not an easy listen to be enjoyed in one sitting. The listener may need a couple of sessions to fully retain and let the songs sink in. Though, the Quebecers have a plan for the direction of the music, after a while, the songs tend to blend into one another and lack diversity. Eighteen songs are on offer within this blazing record, and Althotas are surely on the make, but with “trimming the fat” and allowing a bit of range to seep through, Althotas could most likely be Quebec’s next answer to Sweden’s wave of Black /Death triumvirate. Immortality is within their grasp!

Standout Tracks: “Haunted Forest”,” Enucleation”, “Creature of the Mist”, “Swamp”, “Temptation of a Necrophile”, “Undead”

~Chris Wheeler

Chris Wheeler
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